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The Story of Banyu Urip:  Discovery to Start-Up is a company keepsake, rich in photographs and stories on a co-venture, long haul oil project in Indonesia. "The story is just wonderful. It's going to be a cherished book for our team members."

Dan Wieczynski, Project Executive ExxonMobil Indonesia

Papua New Guinea Pearls:  An Expat Perspective has been described as "a visual feast" in Airlines PNG Magazine, Our Way. The 200-page collection of stories from the Land of the Unexpected boasts 100+ photos, so armchair travelers can trek the Kokoda, dive Milne Bay or join a school clean-up project.

Nigerian Gems:  Expatriate Tales of Adventure is in its sixth printing, producing a charity stream that funds local education. "Nigeria. The name conjures up images of violence, corruption and injustice. The book depicts a Nigeria that is far more complex, friendly and rewarding…”

Diane Lemieux, Daily Telegraph, UK

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Collins has written internationally for magazines and newspapers for 20 years with a long resume that includes three books focused on faraway places. Click on the Story Titles tab to see published work from around the globe. 

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