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The Story of Banyu Urip:  Discovery to Start-Up
Papua New Guinea Pearls:  An Expat Perspective
Nigerian Gems: Expatriate Tales of Adventure

Let's Write Contest 2010:
       Novel Beginnings:  The Story of the Story
Divine Interventions: Travelers Tales, A Spanish Lullaby
Dead of Winter Nonfiction Contest Winning Entry: 
       Larry, Come Out...Please

This I Believe NPR Radio Essay: Broadcast June 26th, 2009 KUHF Houston, TX
       Raising Children Is the Best Work I've Ever Done


New Braunfels Lifestyle Magazine
Texas Dogs & Cats:  Animal Chiropractic Care

Urban Paws: Pet Chiropractics

Airlines PNG Our Way, Vol. 26, 2013
     The Making of ... Papua New Guinea Pearls

Lily Magazine, Papua New Guinea, Launched Issue 1, 2013
       Making a Splash:  Olympic Swimmer Judith Meauri

Let's Go Fly a Kite:  Layang Layang

Jamu:  Herbal Healing
Jalan Surabaya:  Trinkets and Treasures

Jatinegara, The Might of the State

Exploring Cooking & Culture through Cooking at Oasis


Click on link above for full list of articles on NA Mountain Living subpage.
Northern Arizona's Mountain Living Magazine is a lifestyle-leisure magazine based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Content features on art, food and wine, health, homes and home d├ęcor and outdoor activities. In-depth stories on the people, places and history highlight the unique region of Northern Arizona.

See full list of current and archived stories online here.

From Four Months to 20 Years:  Meet the Expat-Kim Hessel #160
Beyond Bunaken:  Touring the Minahasa Highlands #159

Chinese New Year Extravaganza #158
Thriving Coral Reef, Thriving Community:  Wakatobi Resort Conservation #156
Learning to Cook Up a Storm #154
Discovering Cirebon: A Haven of Handicrafts
Chiang Mai:  Rose of Northern Thailand #134
Saving the Slow Loris #130

Hiking the Hills Around Bogor #129
Recycling Materials and Lives for a Brighter Future #128
Walking for Education:  Taking on Challenges for the Kids of Elisama #126 
Sekolah Kami:  Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Trash-Pickers' Children #118
An Endless Journey:  Reflection of an Indonesian Journalist #118

It's All Downhill on a Cycling Tour of Ubud #117

Custom Bikes with Powerful Pipes #116

Kids in the Kitchen #115

Gamelan Group #114
Shaping Women's Roles through Literature: Helvy Tiana Rosa
A Hop, Skip and a Jump to a Hawksbill Turtle Conservancy: Take a Day Trip to Pramuka Island

A Weight Off Their Shoulder

Food is Life for Supper Clubs
Making the Leap to Midlife Fulfillment
Working Wonders:  Seniors in the Workplace
A Literary Legacy on Bark: Basque Carvings
4000-Strong Walk for Cancer Cure
In the Money A Novice at the Horse Track
Parkinson's Sufferers 'Think Big'
Botanist Buzzing Over Wildflowers
Pick a Card, Any Card: Cardinals Training

Health at Heart, Winter 2013
Health at Heart, Winter 2012
Health at Heart, Spring 2011
Wellness Today, Winter 2011
Health at Heart, Fall 2010
Health at Heart,  Summer 2010

Additional contracted health articles in newspapers